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Your 3-Month Personalized Coaching Package With a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach
You have 3 months where you get to work with Lynn as your accountability partner.

3 months - 90 days - is an ideal amount of time to get you going on new habits: choose your own pace under the guidance of a trained coach. 
90-minute initial consultation – After taking a complete health and lifestyle history, Lynn will spend time analyzing and creating a plan for helping you to reach your life and health goals. 
By the end of this session, Lynn will help you to see:
  •  What is showing up as events and emotions that may have created an imbalance in your life.
  •  Help you see different ways you can move towards the goals and dreams that are on your heart.
  •  Food and lifestyle changes that can help you to connect more with yourself and enhance any healing that might be necessary.
  •  Nutrient imbalances that might be contributing to both physical and emotional conditions.
  •  Possible hormonal imbalances… and anything else that might be happening within you!
I will work with you to create a plan for any assessments or labs, and guide you towards tools that will help you to actually incorporate these protocols into your daily life.
1-hour lab analysis session, if necessary – Lab analysis allows Lynn to share with you what may be going on within your body. This is another way to assess the way possible imbalances are showing up and give you further ideas for ways to correct imbalances. You may bring your recent labs, but otherwise Lynn will guide you to any possible tests that might be helpful and where to get them. This includes a computerized blood chemistry lab analysis.
5 45-minute Progress and Planning Follow-up Consultations – Meet with Lynn on a weekly or every-other-week basis, as needed. In these sessions, we will see how the protocols that have been suggested are being accepted by your body, and if there is a need to change anything. We’ll reassess each time, and you’ll get the guidance as we hone in on any necessary steps that bring you towards your goals.
1-hour Next Steps Consultation – When the 3 months is over, we’ll see where you are and re-evaluate where you want to go so you can choose the steps you think are best.

Email access for quick questions between appointments.
Lynn will help you create your own personal library of the resources necessary to help you as you create the life you know is inside you. This program will provide you with the accountability to bring you to where you want to be on the next steps in your life. 
3-Month Personalized Coaching Program
Total Investment - $997
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