You are WORTH IT
To step outside of your comfort zone, and step into your power. To purposefully create your life AND expand your personal growth. You deserve to embrace goals that truly speak to what you bring to this world and experience the joy of attaining them!
Deadline to Apply is December 31st at 11:59pm CST
Your life is not always easy, and can fill you with doubts and fears that keep you in the same place, at arms' length from where you really want to be.
It's time to take bigger strides forward in your life is not always easy, and can fill you with doubts and fears that keep you in the same place, at arms' length from where you really want to be.
Until now...
With the logically structured, yet intuitively flowing Flow into Life Mastermind You get:
  •  6 Months of structured accountability and support that flow with your energy cycles
  •  A huge bonus section including: 2 courses (1 herbs and wild edibles, sprouting, and microgreens, and 1 living with the five elements), live masterclass trainings, and more
  •  My highest level of coaching support and follow-through to make sure you're focused on what you feel are your highest priorities in life
  • A combined focus on intuitive growth and personal mastery to move towards a state of harmony
  • Guidance and healing using meditation and transpersonal energy healing bi-weekly for 6 months!
  •  Rituals and practices to strengthen your energetic attraction to what you desire
Check out what past clients have to say: 
How to know if you're ready?
  • You find yourself not completing programs and courses, but are always searching for the one with the right answer.
  • You find yourself ready to step up into your life, but are scared what that might really look like.
  •  You want to keep a consistent focus and flow to your goals
  • You understand the value that personal growth brings to your life
  • You are ready to invest your time and money because you have faith in yourself
  •  You intuitively feel this is made for you
A Mastermind Focused on Balance
Your life and your personal growth are so woven together that there is no clear line. As a person studying transpersonal energy healing AND nutritional endocrinology, balance between the physical, spiritual, and emotional is very important to me. 

This Mastermind allows you to heal and grow personally in a way that flows with your unique journey.


What's the investment?
Time commitment: 
Est. 60 minutes weekly + time to take action on your projects that you're held accountable for.

Financial commitment: 
- one-time payment of $1,400 
- 6 monthly payments of $247
- $125 bi-weekly for 6 months.

I also have exactly 2 VIP spaces open for $750/monthly, which includes everything in the Mastermind, plus (2) one-on-one sessions monthly, and a 90-minute strategy session to get started.
Deadline to Apply is December 31st at 11:59pm CST
What's it like in the Flow into Life Mastermind?
  • 60 Minute private session to determine your big vision as to where you want to be in 6 months.  This sets the tone for the journey with opportunity to shift the vision as you evolve
  • New Moon intention and focus setting to help you be accountable and supported.
  • Full Moon release and clarity to fast forward your progress.
  • Inclusion as I help you develop herbal formulations just for you
  • Bi-weekly small group coaching calls with multiple times to choose from.
  • Accountability reports to make it easy and clear to follow through
  • Custom created Mind Movie to match your vibration to the life you are creating daily.
  •  Enrollment in my Awaken Your True You membership community
  • The Mastermind runs for 6 months
  • Access to my Weeds and Wild Edible course (which includes sprouting and microgreens) and Living within the Five Elements course

Fear Proof Approach

Our monthly schedule allows flexibility to honor your energy cycles, while staying focused and moving towards your ideal story.

Our bi-weekly coaching calls allow for structured sharing to support you in releasing resistance, caring for yourself, listening to your intuition, and taking action from a place of confidence. 

Embrace and work with your fear to overcome your comfort zone and expand further than you thought possible.
Hi, I'm Lynn!

I’m a patient, but curious, explorer, who believes anything is possible if you can see and feel it for yourself. You can live a life connected with yourself, grounded in the truth of who you are. I have been on the journey myself, so know the road signs to look for, and the questions to ask as we work together in your seeking.

What does that mean for you? I know how to help you create routines and systems that are not overwhelming. That will support the truth of who you are at this place in your journey so far. It will fit in your life as it is right now, yet still give you that peace in knowing you are in forward motion.

I know you’ve got this!!


Q: This feels like a big commitment - why 6 months? We have these beautiful energy cycles - and when used combined with a consistent structure to move towards our goals, pure magic can happen.  But we have to let it breathe and flow. Short commitments tend to lead to rush, to pushing when listening is more aligned, to coming from a place of lack instead of abundance, appreciation, and service. I created this Mastermind as a long commitment purposefully to create momentum on your goals and personal growth.

Q:  What happens if I want out? Guess what, if it is best for you and your life, yes - you can totally get out. But if it's excuse, a doubt, a fear that is keeping you stuck - then we work through it. If circumstances change dramatically for you and your focus shifts to a place where the Mastermind is no longer highest and best - then I'll not hold you. This Mastermind is for those committed greatly to their vision and willing to take action steps towards it. There are no refunds, but early exit is an option.

Q:  Why is the cost so high for a group program? Do I get 1:1 time? The cost is what it is because with financial investment, with time commitment, comes dedication. And if you are not dedicating yourself, that monthly payment will come out to give you that extra boot to move. Each member gets 20 minutes dedicated coaching on the group calls bi-weekly, as well as access to me for any questions, from energy, strategy, nutrition, herbs, mindset, and more. Plus, included with this Mastermind is a reward system where you can earn 1:1 session every single month.

Q:  Can you guarantee results?  Much like I can't force you to accept yourself, to walk into a room or to record a video, I can not guarantee your results. If you show up week after week, consistently release what's holding you back, listen to your intuition, stay clear in your vision, grounded, and take action outside of your comfort zone in line with your goals - you will achieve more than you thought you could. This has less to do with me and much more to do with understanding yourself.

Q:  What is a 'mindmovie', and why do you make one for Mastermind members?  A mindmovie is like a vision board. Mindmovies are about 2-3 minutes long, and an important part of attuning yourself to the vibration of what you want, allowing your attraction to it to strengthen, which then allows opportunities and circumstances to dazzle you towards your goals.

Q:  What learning can I expect? Upon accepting, you receive access to my Weeds and Wild Edibles class, which includes instruction on sprouting and microgreens. I am also in the process of creating a Living with the Five Elements course. Including strategy, and structure for creating a life that holds your spirit, you get access to the self-study as well as any live runs of the courses. You also get access to all Masterclasses I will host with topics that include: chakras, crystals, oils, labs, and more. Stay tuned for surprise guest teachers and healers throughout the year.

Q:  Will I really find a flow to my goals? That's the plan! While I can't guarantee your own actions, I created this space to help you to nurture your life to allow it to move towards creating a conscious intentional life. To create a space where fears and doubts are immediately replaced with self-acceptance and confidence. Where your trust and knowing create paramount attraction to your goals, and celebration of your accomplishments is a joyous part of your life.

Q: How will this Mastermind increase my confidence? Besides the actual transpersonal energy work to help you increase your confidence, the expansion in clarity around your life (which fosters confidence), and custom daily practices to keep improving your confidence - the Mastermind also offers a safe place to practice outside of your comfort zone activities like saying yes to those goals which express what you have to share with the world, saying no to those that may not serve you or others.

Q: How long until I see results? If you seriously show up and do the homework, you will start to feel results within you during the first week.  Within the first month, you'll start to see opportunities come up in your life for your highest expression of good.

Q: How to best use the Mastermind? The best way to use the Mastermind, and how it is designed, is that all you have to do is show up. I've got the reporting sheets ready for you to fill out, I've got the focus boosters built in. I've got strategies and practices to overcome procrastination, overwhelm, and more. The best way to use it is to show up through the super easy pathways that have been created for just this reason.

Q: How do I know if this is right for me? Don't overthink it. Take a few minutes, get grounded, feel into it. Is this right for you and your life? Does it feel supportive, does it feel expansive? If there is an inkling towards yes, then sign up for the wait list and see where it goes from there.

Ready? You've totally got this. Apply now below.